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At VonAp we don’t believe in one solution that fits all, we think that software solutions should adapt to a company’s needs. We provide our clients with tailor-made Web Solutions fully adapted to their way of doing business. Our solutions integrate smoothly with your IT environment and do not require spending a fortune on infrastructure.

Personalizing software does not mean that we build our solutions from scratch. Over the years, we have developed a rich library of modules and functions that accomplish specifics tasks and can easily adapted to your processes.

Corporate Treasury Back Office

From deal capturing to settlement, get rid of your Excel worksheets and regain management and control of all your financial instruments with user friendly Web tools perfectly adapted to your business needs.

Whether you trade foreign exchange instruments, interest rate swaps or cross currency swaps, or if you are active on the energy and commodity market, you will easily and rapidly enter all your financial trades under a controlled and secure environment.

The Corporate Treasury toolbox has been developed to cover most requirements faced by corporations resulting from the use of financial instruments and includes full coverage of the following markets:

  • Currencies (See DEMO link)
  • Interest Rates
  • Commodities (See DEMO link)
  • Total Return Swap

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Deal Capture
  • Initial deal capture and confirmation.
  • Audit trail of deal modifications.
  • Manage early terminations.

  • Control and monitor your settlement amounts, from settlement price or rate confirmations to payment calculations.
  • Create settlement documentation and issue payment instructions.
  • Multi-currency accounting for settlements, trade unwinds and P&L entries for all financial instruments.
  • Easily drill-down from summary entries to trade details and extract all results to Excel with a single click.
  • Reconciliation will no longer be an issue
Reporting & Evaluation
  • Mark-to-market your financial instruments portfolio with best-of-breed valuation methods.
  • Credit Valuation Adjustment calculations incorporating credit enhancement techniques such as netting and collateralization.
  • Easily perform sensitivity analysis.
  • Customized Reporting.


VonAp builds and designs all the necessary Dashboards or other management reports that will cover all your business information needs. Lately, VonAp has invested much time and effort in establishing a developer platform that allows Web-based astonishing reporting, with full drill-down possibility that permits the analysis of details.

If you need to demonstrate KPI (Key Performance Indicator), Financial Ratios, or you want to follow and compare sales historical data or monitor your expense behavior; you can rely on VonAp to provide you with the right reports. Because VonAp, is able to gain an understanding of your business, and can deliver the best adapted reporting that will make your competition envious.


We offer solutions to track your cashflows on a daily, weekly, or quarterly basis. Links are built with your bank accounts providers to enable you to see your daily balance online. Our tools help you forecast cashflow movements coming from your operations: sales, salaries, expenses, etc. Even if you have hundreds of accounts in multiple currencies VonAp provides you with flexible tools that show you where you can expecte over/under funding in different currencies so you can take action at the right time to smooth your cashflows needs in the organization and, at the same time, save interest cost.


Our Hedge Accounting product allows you to meet many of the documentation requirements necessary to qualify for hedge accounting under IFRS and US GAAP.

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Gain control of your hedging relationships. Easily capture and associate hedging derivatives and hedged items, which are be defined and designed according to your requirements.

Effectiveness testing
  • Easily perform prospective and retrospective effectiveness tests based on robust techniques utilizing historical data.
  • View and extract to Excel statistical measures associated with effectiveness testing and drill down to detailed historical scenario results.
  • Accommodates both CashFlow and Fair Value hedging strategies.
  • Calculate and account for Basis Adjustments, OCI and Ineffectiveness for each hedging relationship.
  • Manage OCI releases to income.
  • Manage Basis Adjustments and OCI amortization to income following early termination of hedging relationships.
  • Drill-down from account summaries into the detailed results of a single hedging relationship.
  • From accounting entry creation up to the transfer to the G/L according to ERP format specifications, get a robust auxiliary that fully supports and automates your hedge accounting activity.


If you have thousands of Invoices to track, VonAp helps you monitor your accounts receivable, calculating which region/division performs best. Making it easier to identify which clients are overdue and which invoices exceed normal pay period.


Successful business entrepreneurs and finance executives in today’s corporate world have much higher expectations than ever before. Cloud Computing and Web Applications are more useful, manageable, compelling, dynamic, and engaging than traditional “old school”, expensive and high maintenance desktop applications. VonAp offers solutions on a SaaS (Service as a Software) mode under Microsoft Azure, or if you require to host the solutions in your own Intranet Private network. Contracts will be customized to your needs accordingly.